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Unique Logo Design

Great corporate identity means having a unique Logo design.

For Wojtek Design studio, logo means the creativity and challenge in better logo design. But how to make it unique?

When a client meets our graphic design studio to ask for webdesign or print design, we usually look at the existing company-logo first. If there is none (i.e. start-up business) or there is just a self made “kind of logo” that doesn´t touch us, we often suggest a new one. A unique Logo represents and fits the corporate identity, the letterhead designs or webdesigns. Moments later our creative team take over.

Sometimes we have lots of ideas right away, other times we tend to talk over the colors, typography and signage it needs to make it a great designer-logo. A logo that might be provocative, or serious, or different, or even timeless. Our design team loves developing and creating the one unique branding for boosting the business of our client. View post

How we design a Logo…

Unique Logo Design Graphic Design - How I create a great logo

It usually takes a few days before we have different sketches and drafts. Then there is the presentation and we watch the reaction to our different ideas. We once designed a few photography logos and thought the one at the end of the presentation would make it. But it often surprises me to see how different the reception and looks are.

That time the client chose a very unique corporate identity is very successful now.

A good logo does not cost money, it earns it.


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Our creative team does unique branding & identity for North Wales, Chester, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and the UK.

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