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The way I do it

The way I do it, Cancer charity art and design.

In last few days I have done things that were new to me. Going on a blind date was one of them. It opened my head to new ideas, one of them being writing something I care about.

I got to the point of my life I am able to give something back to people. I used to shy away from people stopping me on a street asking to participate in a charity questionnaire. Sometimes I felt worse refusing than on other occasions. Sometimes I was too busy, sometimes the abstract idea that if only by talking about cancer I’d somehow attract it into my life. Sometimes it was laziness.

Since I have moved out from London I look a bit differently at people who put their hearts into it. I have slowed down myself and learnt to appreciate individuals who give their time and energy to support others.

I was wondering how could I do it when I spent all my time in front of the screen designing, emailing and researching. As a start-up company every opportunity is like a treasure and I give all my energy to the projects I work on. It is difficult to share the same passion when doing things that I don’t have my heart in.

And then answer come to me. I understood I do not have to do the same as everyone. We are all different and have strengths and I believe if we go against that we will exhaust ourselves. However by listening to our passions, intuition, heart we can achieve great things.

As a designer I create my ideal magical world by immersing myself into shapes, fonts
and colors. It produces unstoppable energy that drives me into the unknown. A crafted logo, imaginative illustration or poster that makes heart beat faster or cards that invite to be touched and passed on. Different crafts but always the same energy.

A few days ago a young person I knew passed away. After a long and brave fight, cancer claimed his life. It makes my world spin for few reasons. From fear of my own fragile existence to only imagining what his beloved go through now. Numb sadness. My heart freezes with fear, brain projects images. Imagination takes me to places where normally I only go in nightmares.

The way I do it

I sat and cried almost at the same time as I was completing a DVD design for a cancer charity.
I have realized I found my way to do something with my gift. My way to give some of my energy into someones life.

I think my idea is not to do what everyone does, follow masses, but creating my own path. I will never stop people on streets as for different reasons it is not me. There are better people to inspire that way. I can produce a bit magic my way, in front of my computer, with my face getting hot and turning blue from staring into the screen.

That is my passion, love and destiny and I want to explore it as much as possible. And if every time I create something that makes me smile as well as someone else it makes me feel very lucky.

I have designed DVD cover for Specialized, a charity that works alongside Teenage Cancer Trust.

Have a look at those organizations and help them to Help.

The way I do it


If you can, please share this post so that they are able to help as many people affected by cancer as possible.

Thank you for reading. Best. Wojtek